Sand washing plant

The sand washer cleans the raw stone by using machinery equipment.  At the same time, quality requirements of the projects and the sufficient productivity must be met to the stone supply of the concrete mixing plant. The work process of the sand washer is generally as follows: raw material storage, transportation, cleaning, finished products convey and sewage precipitation reuse. At present, the common sand washer can be divided into drum mixing type sand washer, spiral push sand washer, bucket wheel spatula sand washer and vibrating cleaning sand washer.
The spiral push sand washer is installed with the axis of spiral-shaped slot in the semi-park band which push the stone in the bath to the export. This kind of sand washer is mainly used for primary cleaning the stone in the material field.
The bucket wheel spatula sand washer is equipped with a circular rotating bucket wheel in the box sink to spatula the stone in the tank. This kind of sand washer is mainly used in mineral processing industry.
The vibrating cleaning sand washer is installed with an additional washing lines on the shaker. The water in the slot of the sand washer with tank should be timely circularly discharged. Otherwise, the pollution degree of the water in the slot will be more concentrated, which will make the stone polluted.
The sand washers produced and sold in our company are mainly drum sand washer, spiral sand washer and wheel bucket sand washer. The wheel bucket sand washer is composed with wheel bucket, base, gear, etc.. The base supports the wheel bucket and the gear system and forms the sand washing trough. The sand cleaned by the bucket wheel is taken away by the transmission device. The wheel bucket sand washer is widely used in a variety of large pieces of ore which are hard to wash. This kind of sand washer is divided into cylindrical and cylinder with screen bar. The latter can make the materials washed into +40mm and -40mm. The materials with -40mm can be scrubbed into +2mm and -2mm by the double helis trough sand washer. The washing efficiency can be up to about 98% at most. This combination is the most effective way for the ore that is difficult to wash.