Mobile crusher

Usually, the mobile crushing station is equipped with a high-performance jaw crusher which adopts a vehicle-mounted feeder and a high-intensity circular vibrating screen, thus the maneuverability is strong. In the process of the beneficiation, as for the crushing methods, it can crush, hack and break etc. According to different crushing methods, mobile crushers use different crushers accordingly.

Excellent performance of Hongxing mobile crushing station:

A: Strong mobility to reduce transportation costs of the materials 

The length of the PP series tire mobile crushing station is short, and different crushing equipments are installed on the independent mobile chassis respectively. Its wheelbase is short and the turning radius is small that enable it to run flexibly on the ordinary road as well as within the working area. This kind of mobile crushing station is capable of processing materials on the spot instead of moving them away, which has greatly lower the transportation costs.

B: Immediate and effective operation effect

The integrated serial mobile crushing station can be used independently. Furthermore, it is capable of providing more flexible process configuration to satisfy the customers’ demands of mobile crushing and mobile screening according to customers’ needs for the material type and products in the flow. Therefore, it enables to generate organization and makes logistics as well as transshipment more direct and effective to maximize the reduction of the costs.

C: Flexible combination and strong adaptability

PP series tire mobile crushing station is able to constitute “crushing first, screening second” or “screening first, crushing second” process according to different crushing process requirements. The crushing station can be combined into a two-stage crushing and screening system with coarse crushing and fine grinding, and also a three-stage crushing and screening system with coarse crushing, intermediate crushing and fine crushing. It is also able to operate independently with great flexibility.