Flotation cell

Mechanical agitation flotation machine

The machine has a special mechanical stirrer with both self-priming air and self-priming slurry characteristics to inflate and mix the slurry, which belongs to self-absorption flotation machine.

The characteristics of mechanical agitation flotation machine (commonly known as type A):

First, the cover was installed on 18~20 turning vanes.

Second, the impeller, cover, vertical axis, intake pipe, bearings and pulleys were assembled into a whole part.

Third, it was installed on a circle vertical plate around the trough to prevent the eddy current of slurry.

Inflate flotation machine

1, structure features: no mechanical agitator and transmission components;

2, inflate features: the bubble size can be adjusted by the inflatable device;

3, bubble and slurry mixed characteristics: counter-current mixture;

Usage: it can be used in the coarse separation and scavenging of the simple composition and higher grade ores. The advantages are simple structure, small footprint, easy to maintenance and operate, and saving power.